World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

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In World of Warcraft, jewel crafting is a new trade skill. In this you have to place gems in sockets in various parts of kit. Each of these sockets has a particular colour code and when the same colored gem is placed in the socket, you will get a socket bonus. If you don't like the bonus, then you can put whatever gem you want into the slots available.

There are "super" gems called meta gems that give larger bonuses than normal ones, but require some color combinations to activate them such as two blue and one red, or one red and two yellow. Until required color combinations of meta gems are met they are totally useless and when the color combinations are met they give special bonuses to you.

There are four types of gems: green, epic, blue and purple gems. Getting epic gems is a very tough job. You can get it if blizzards give you the ability to buy raw gems from vendor having definite badges. The purple gems can be achieved from mining nodes, but the mining nodes rarely drop.

Blue gems are again a bit rare, but gives a big bonus when compared to green gems. The raw blue gems come from mining nodes. The chance of a blue gem dropping is less when compared to green gems. But the chances of dropping of blue gems are there. Getting blue gems from auction house is another way of getting them. This saves time also, and sometimes you can get the blue gems for a good price in auction house

Green (common) gems are highly affordable gems. They can be taken by characters that are leveling up, trying out new ideas or getting new equipment.

Another way of getting gems is collecting ore. When a bundle of five ore is milled, one or two gems are generated from them. So in this way you will be able to gather lots of gems and use them when needed; or you can even sell them to get a good amount of money. For more profit, you can cut and sell these gems.

Blind on Pickup (BOP) Gems

The advantage of being a jewel crafter is blind on pickup gems which only a jewel crafter can create. It is a high quality gem and can only be used by you.

If you want to achieve 450 jewels crafting you need to follow this guide fully. If you know a better way out still going with this leveling guide will help you get 450 skill points in no time as the above guide has tried and tested methods.

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World of Warcraft Jewelcrafting Leveling Guide

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This article was published on 2010/04/02